About us

Best Souvenir wholesale in California! Road Runner Souvenir, Inc

We are a wholesaler for the gift, novelty and souvenir industries. Primarily nautical and tropical designs making them ideal for tropical based resorts, entertainment, souvenir and other related industries.

Apparel, Ashtrays, Banks, JewerlyBox, Caps, Visors, Keyrings, Magnets, Mugs, Cups, Flask, Picture Frames, Sailboats, Totes, Waterglobes, Paperweights. San Diego, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Oceanside, Pacific Beach, Las Vegas, Miami, Florida, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii,  All over the California and nationwide.
Custom designs available.

  • L.A. Region : 4473 Sheila St., Commerce, CA 90023
    T:808-597-6821 / wilsonbaytrading@gmail.com
  • San Diego Region : 3250 F St., San Diego, CA 92102
    T:619-232-1060 / F:619-232-3928 / rrpostcard@sbcglobal.net